Stream with waterfallThe term waterscapes is another name for ponds, waterfalls, and streams. It is not a new trend, but a relaxing and soothing part of landscaping to have and enjoy.

The waterscapes I build are low maintenance and are easier to take care of than grass and shrubs. They can be built in all sizes, shapes and lengths. Waterscapes can be designed in any kind of setting, whether it be in full sun or full shade.

How do we create water features?

Before construction: From a Design on the GroundDuring construction

asdfFrolicking Ponds® creates ponds from a design on the ground to the frolicking end with YOU as an active participant in the designing.

Where your waterfall is placed is an important part in creating your piece of paradise. Waterfalls are created using BIOFALLS®. When the water leaves the BIOFALL® it could either cascade directly into the pond or we can create a meandering stream.

asdfEach pond is dug out entirely by hand so that different contours can be made.

Skimmers are used to house the pump and collect debris floating on the water’s surface. PVC piping sends the water from the skimmer to the BIOFALL®. After the pond is completely dug, a 15-mil underlayment is put down with a 45-mil EPDM fish safe liner on top.

The pond is then ready for rocks to be placed all around its contoured walls.

To the Frolicking End
See this Illustration of Frolicking Ponds® Ecosystems

asfdLow voltage underwater lights are placed between the rocks (timer included). Next we arrange the aquatic plants around the perimeter with waterlilies on the bottom. Washed gravel is now applied to cover the rest of the liner. The pond is now ready to be filled with water. If a stream is built with your pond, it would be the next step in creating your backyard paradise. Once the pond is completely filled the ceremony begins. The homeowner now has the task of plugging in the pump and watch as the water makes its way into the pond. The outside perimeter is either mulched or graveled depending on the customer.

As an added feature, auto waterfill valves are incorporated into the skimmer to help keep the water level just right – due to evaporation.

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Where can water features be placed?

Anywhere. How would you like to hear the soothing sounds of crystal clear water rippling by, while watching the darting and dancing of golden fish gliding among the fragrant blooms of water lilies and other aquatic plants which grow back every year? Birds of all types and colors sing out and bathe in a gently flowing stream. Imagine a water feature in the front, back or side of your home. You could instantly escape and be relieved from the stress and tensions of everyday life, while eating lunch or just taking a quick break.

I look forward to creating a water feature just for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call for a consultation.

Thank You and Happy Pondering.
Keith Morrison