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Dear Keith,

I am writing this letter today to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our pond. We appreciate immensely the time and energy that you put into its design and creation. It took an experienced eye to see the perfect place to locate the pond so that it can be viewed from most rooms in the back of the house. the meandering curves of the pond lend to its authentic appearance. The placement of the rocks in the waterfall was done such that the sight and sound of the falls are magnificent. The plants within the pond have grown so much since implementation! They have very natural foliage that give the pond a dreamy feel.

Your instruction on maintaining the right balance in the pond’s water allowed my husband and I to purchase gold fish for the pond and they are thriving. You have surpassed our expectations with your visits after the pond was complete. Checking in to make sure that all the facets of the pond are working as they should was unexpected in today’s market. We look forward to engaging you to work with us in the future home enhancing projects.