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wilsonDear Keith,
We wanted to thank you and acknowledge the beautiful pond that you created in our backyard this past fall. You listened to our ideas and created something that went well beyond our imaginations with the waterfall, divided stream and unique shape of the pond itself. We thought our pond was beautiful in the fall, through the winter with the colder weather it took on a whole new dimension and look with ice forming naturally, particularly off the falls. With the coming of this spring, it’s alive with new growth and life.
We absolutely love watching our fish and our resident frog who has adopted it as his home. We spend many quiet times just sitting alongside the pond day or night without the distraction of TV and telephones and truly say to each other, that we can’t really believe this is in our backyard.

In addition, your support and service after the job in response to our questions has been nothing short of spectacular.

Thanks again for delivering above and beyond our expectations.