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Dear Keith,

During these last few glorious sunshiny days, I’ve been really charmed by the new atmosphere at and around my “FROLICKING POND”! Thank you.

When my husband of 52 years died last year, I was suddenly faced with a great deal of repair and refurbishment at the home we built 22 years ago. Needless to say, I was very frustrated with repairmen, painters, etc. promising and yet never quite keeping their word.

During that difficult time I also struggled to maintain a koi fish pond that we had had for several years, and found myself rapidly losing ground. I was so afraid of losing all of my husbands prized koi fish because of the maintenance problems I was the experiencing.

Then you came into my life and did exactly what you promised. In less time than I could believe, you transformed an eyesore and maintenance problem into a peaceful, nurturing haven where I can now sit and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. The sound of the two waterfalls and the gentle splash of the koi fish as they break water and luxuriate in their new playground is so sooting too. I can even see these lovely water features from inside my house, which gives me a great sense of pleasure and serenity. THe beautiful landscaping you have effected around the enlarged pond catches the eye of everyone who stops to visit.

I cant thank you enough for this wonderful landscaping treasure – and for saving my husband’s much loved pet fish! I’ve also been impressed with your “service after sale”. I know that if anything such as weather, etc., causes me a problem with my pond I no longer have to struggle with it alone. A simple phone call gets instant attention from you!