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Arbor 1Keith contracted with us to install a pond and a triangular arbor with a stone circle set inside.  Pictures attached. To say that we were delighted with the entire process and outcome would be an understatement.  However- words like “great” and “excellent” always ring a little hollow to us unless they are backed with specifics.  Here they are:

Keith performed the work he promised to do plus “extras” within the timeframe he originally indicated.  We did have some minimal delays due to excessive rainfall- this is normal for outdoor projects.
Keith performed this work and provided all the materials he originally promised for the amount he originally quoted- no hidden costs/fees- nothing over and above what we originally agreed to.

no problem- stuff got hauled out, no trash piles- pure professionalism!

All outdoor projects we’ve been involved with hit some snags- Keith’s experience in working around unexpected situations was masterful.  From re-routing to design changes, he worked through various issues and delivered a stunning pond and arbor combination.

Keith has an outstanding eye for and appreciation of top-notch designs.  His personal work is beautiful and his advice on the ancillary outdoor projects we had underway was priceless.  His eye for excellence in outdoor design is matched only by his ability to make it come to life.

Setting expectations
From time frames to design, from dollars to materials- Keith consistently set good expectations and then lived up to them or exceeded them.  He is truly the best contractor we’ve worked with- indoor or outdoor!

Partnership– that little “something extra”-
Keith is a businessman you want to work with.  He understands and practices solid partnership.  As the projects took shape, we’d make some changes, add things (all of which we did/paid for)…but…If Keith could help out with digging some holes, suggesting designs, leveling an additional area- there he was- no problem.  He picked up and delivered extra materials (which we paid for) at our request, shared “best vendors”, shared best practices.  He was with us every step of the way- nothing was outside of his scope of vision- he always helped where he could.

If you’re seriously considering outdoor projects- Keith’s your man…period!  Look at his pictures and call us:  Suzy and Charley Spellman/ 919-373-1352  Enjoy!