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Dear Keith,
We are so excited about our new putting green.
I no it was difficult getting it in this summer.
The weather worked against us, but you still managed to get the job finished and in a timely matter. What amazed me was the way you worked. No mess, and will all the rain and mud you had to deal with this year. We would have never known you had been there if it wasn’t for the putting green and retaining wall you left. Everyday you cleaned up. We never had a mess to content with. The greass, plants, nothing was torn up. It was wonderful.
I dont think we have ever had anyone do work like you did, thank you. It was a great experience having you in our yard.
We are using our backyard now. The putting green gives us something to do in the yard besides mow it. It’s great. Thank you again for the great job, and caring about our property, you did what you said, and that sure says alot about your company, your work and you.

We hope to see you next summer for the patio addition.